Handwriting at home (Reception to Year 2/3)

Letter and number formation

We have created this page to share with you some resources you can use at home. .

At St James's we use a handwriting scheme called Kinetic letters. Your child will be bringing a Kinetic letters pack home and we need parents and carers to help us by working with their children at home, especially if they are forming letters or numbers incorrectly. 

The easiest way to show you how letters and numbers are formed is through video links and posters, so please use the links below to practise with your child. Make sure they form each letter as shown.


VIDEO CLIP: How to hold the pen or pen correctly - click here

VIDEO CLIP: The Jumper family - click here

How to form each letter in the jumper family -  h b r n m p

VIDEO CLIP: The Abracadabra family - click here

How to from each letter in the abracadabra family - c o a d g q s?

VIDEO CLIP: How to form the special squirter - e

VIDEO CLIP: The Window Cleaner family

How to form the letters in the window cleaner family - l t i u

VIDEO CLIP: The Slider family

How to form the letters in the slider family k v w x z

VIDEO CLIP: The Fisher family

How to form the letters in the Fisher family g j y f

VIDEO CLIP: Capital letters - Sliding Lines group 

How to form sliding lines capital letters - A M N K W V Z X Y

VIDEO CLIP: Capital letters - Straight Lines group

How to form straight lines capital letters - I L E F H T

VIDEO CLIP: Capital letters - Curved Lines group

How to form curved lines capital letters - C O S G Q

VIDEO CLIP: Capital letters - Lines with curves group

How to form Lines with curves capital letters - D P B R J U 

VIDEO CLIP: Pulling numbers

How to form pulling numbers - 0 6 8 9 1 4

VIDEO CLIP: Pushing numbers

How to form pushing numbers - 2 3 7 5

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