School Council

Each year one child from each class is elected as a School Council representative. The School Council meets regularly to discuss lots of issues including Fairtrade, E safety and the ideas and comments which all children can add to their class suggestion box. In addition the School Council complete projects each year – recently the School Council have led the creation of a Prayer Garden.


In September, Year 6 members of School Council have the opportunity to be elected in leadership roles – these include Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Each meeting is planned and run by St James’s pupils for St James’s pupils and each class representative reports back to their class what has been discussed and often has a task to complete which involve asking their class’s opinion on another issue.


Josh (Y6) ‘Being on the School Council means I have given something back to the school. The teachers listen to what we have to say. It has helped me to get more involved in school life.’

Tillie (Y4) ‘I like being on the School Council, it has given me more confidence to talk to people. I feel like I have made a difference in school.’


Thevayan (Y6) ‘ When I got voted onto the School Council it felt amazing as I knew I could make changes in school. I helped the school to get its Fairtrade award again by talking to other children about FT. It has helped my communication skills get batter and opened my eyes to more of what happens in school.

In the last twelve months, School Council have:

·        Led in the creation of a Prayer garden

·        Contributed to St James’s achieving the E-safety 360 award

·        Planned our Fairtrade fortnight activities

·        Led our Learning Friends project