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If my child doesn't start on 1st June does that mean they will not be able to come back at all?

If children don't return on June 1st, we will be able to welcome them back at a later date as long as there are places. We are currently receiving a rising number of requests for key worker places and priority will be given to these requests if Reception and Year 6 paces are not taken. Any return to school after June 1st needs to be arranged with school in advance.

Can my child return to school if they are asthmatic?

We are able to accept reception pupils back if their asthma is assessed to be mild and you have consulted with your GP and asthma nurse.  If they are in agreement and you wish for your child to return, we will send you our amended asthma policy to read and sign as well as an asthma leaflet to share with your child. 

Can I request that my child is in a group with a particular adult or with particular friends?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Pupils will be grouped according to register order. Teachers cannot be assigned at request to particular groups as this would not be a fair system.

Can I find out in advance which adults are leading my child's group?

We continue to adapt our plans daily in response to a number of factors including our ability to accommodate the increasing number of places being requested by key workers. As a result, we are not able to share which adults will be teaching which groups. All of the adults are existing members of St James's staff and activities will be designed so that pupils get to know their group leaders.  

My child is in Year 6 or Reception and I am a key worker, can I send them in earlier than the communicated times if needed?

No unfortunately not. Children can only attend during the time stated if part of the Reception and Year 6 groups. If you would like them to part of a key worker group this can be arranged, but they will not be in a group with Year 6 children. The school's plan relies on children being part of one group and not mixing between groups.

What will happen at lunchtimes?

Pupils will eat in their groups in their classroom and have outdoor play in their groups with one of their group leaders supervising. Each group will have an allocated area.

Will home learning packs continue for pupil who do not return to school?

Yes, home learning packs will continue to be posted on the website for all year groups including Reception and Year 6.

What will happen to twins?

Twins will be placed in the same group to minimise risk to a household. Drop off and pick up times will need to be confirmed with the school if your chidren are returning.


Are there options for pupils to do less days? 

We would encourage children to attend full-time as learning will build from previous lessons. 

Will pupils follow the normal curriculum?

Yes pupils will be following the normal curriculum for their year group, however how this is taught may differ, especially for younger pupils. For example, the children in Reception will have individual desks to maintain social distancing and this will be new to them - before schools closed pupils were able to choose different activities set up around the classroom, they worked in small groups with an adult and sat together as a class on the carpet. 

As a school we also recognise that there will need to be more time allocated to PSHE (Personal, Social and Heath Education) than ever before. Pupils will need time to talk and their wellbeing will be a priority.

How much outdoor time will the children be having?

All of the pupil group have been allocated time outdoors on a rota so that the time pupils have outside can be enjoyed - they can run around and not be confined to too small a space. We have made sure that every outdoor space is in use by a group throughout the day. The Reception groups will also each have a day in forest school every six days - more details about the dates for your child's group will be sent out so that you are aware when they will need suitable clothing.

Will teachers be wearing any type of PPE?

Teachers will only be wearing PPE when they need to protect themselves as social distancing can't be maintained e.g. when administering first aid

If my child doesn’t return will they be behind in September?

We appreciate the decision you are making as to whether to send you child back to school is a difficult one for many families, for many different reasons. Please remember that many others are in the same position as you, and ultimately you need to do what is right for your family. September 2020 will look different to any September we have experienced before and staff will be prepared for the fact that many children may be at different place in their learning than they otherwise would have been. Please don't worry. 

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