Year 5 poems


When you need support you can go and ask for help

But who to ask?


Family helps with everything

All families are different, some sort of strange

But my family is unique and perfect for me.


When times are tough and you’re feeling kind of rough

Family can help you out

They’re kind and caring

And very daring

When you need them they’re always there


They’re loving, they’re awesome

And they are family


The world of emotion

Today I might be happy or sad

Worried or mad

But that’s ok because today I’m going to the world of emotion


The sea of sad

The lake of mad

The pond of happy

The river of worry

The grass of courage

Or the soil of scared


All of this is normal

To think

To feel

To know

Just try to remember

You’re special

We all think so

Poppies poem.jpg