Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Relationship, Sex Education (R.S.E)



PSHE enables pupils to learn the skills necessary to become independent, confident, healthy and responsible members of society as well as developing the “whole child” intellectually, morally, socially and spiritually. 


The ethos of our school is that all people who come into our school – pupils, staff, families or visitors, are valued as individuals in their own right.  This is reflected in the school’s vision and values and it is through our vision and values, alongside our whole curriculum that we support children in setting themselves and expecting of others good standards of behaviour, marked by respect and responsibility. 

Through our PSHE curriculum, we aim that our pupils will:

  • Develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally.

  • Develop self-confidence and self-responsibility.

  • Value themselves and others.

  • Acknowledge and appreciate difference and diversity.

  • Be independent, responsible and active members of the school and the local community.

  • Learn to make informed choices.

  • Be prepared to be positive and active members of a democratic society.

  • Understand what constitutes a safe and healthy lifestyle.

  • Develop the ability to form good relationships.

  • Understand and manage their emotions.

  • Have opportunities to consider issues which may affect their own lives and/or the lives of others.



PSHE is taught across the school on a weekly basis following the PSHE association scheme.  A detailed description of our PSHE and RSE curriculum can be found in the relevant policies. Click here to visit our policies website page.  As a brief overview, our weekly lessons support children to:

  • Adopt the school’s values in line with fundamental British Values.

  • Understand life in modern Britain.

  • Develop awe and wonder.

  • Be responsible citizens with a strong moral compass.

  • Be able to contribute positively to society.

  • Be brave: to try new things.

  • To collaborate: learn from the lives of others.

  • Be resilient and resourceful.

  • Develop meaningful relationships and reflect upon their learning.

Our PSHE lessons are values based and promotes positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing and achievement and meets the new statutory requirements for Relationship and Health Education.  We believe in the link between pupils’ health and wellbeing and their academic progress and that promoting health and wellbeing is a vital part of children’s overall education.  More detail can be found in the school’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy. Click here for our policies website page.


Children will have:

  • A ready willingness to try new thing and persevere.

  • A good understanding of how to stay safe and healthy and to develop positive relationships.

  • An appreciation of what it means to be contributing member of diverse, multi-cultural society.

  • A strong self-awareness, interlinked with compassion of others.