Water safety

This week, children from Reception to Year 6 have taken part in virtual water safety workshops led by the Canal and River Trust. As we like so close to water, it is really important that the pupils understand how to stay safe. The sessions were thoroughly enjoyed and very interactive. Here are some year 3 pupils explaining what they learnt:

"When you are near water do not go near the edge if your alone." Ruby

"If you drop something in the water or in a pool ask a grown up to get it for you because you might otherwise fall in." Sophie

"Don't swim in water or canals because there may be boats that could hit you." Shayden

"Don't put litter in the river or canals because it could damage the creatures that live in them." Hollie

"Always ask for permission to go for a walk by the water because if you are out walking with a dog, you could catch your foot on the lead and you could fall in." Lexie

"If you see someone in the water you need to give them something to help them float such as your football or a water bottle with the lid on." Sophie

Here is the link to the Canal and River Trust site for children's water safety. It is filled with resources you can use at home. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/explorers/water-safety