Physical Education



The aim of our PE curriculum is to give children the knowledge and understanding to become competent, confident and motivated in PE for the rest of their lives.  We strive to create a culture which aims to inspire an active generation to enjoy PE, encourage each other and achieve well.   Using PE Hub planning and resources, our PE curriculum offers a dynamic, varied and stimulating program of activity to ensure that all pupils progress physically and are fully included.



Using planning ideas and resources from PE Hub, lessons are planned progressively to allow children to build upon and develop previously learnt skills.  Children can be involved in leading warm ups and cool downs in demonstrating skills.  In Key Stage 2 we offer the children the opportunity to become Active Leaders, taking an active role in advising and supporting other pupils in the importance of physical wellbeing. 


A variety of sports are taught across school:


KS1 – Hit catch run, send and return, run jump throw, attack defend compete, gym and dance.

Year 3 – Tag rugby, hockey, swimming, OAA, athletics, cricket

Year 4 – Swimming, OAA, tennis, athletics, cricket

Year 5 – OAA, hockey, athletics, cricket, tag rugby, rounders

Year 6 – Cricket, tag rugby, OAA, rounders, tennis

All children have the opportunity to enjoy being physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Children are taught to observe and produce conventions of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour as individual participants, team members and spectators. Thus embedding lifelong values such as cooperation, collaboration and equity of play.


Physical development opportunities in EYFS make positive contributions to children’s development and lay firm foundations for children’s enjoyment and participation in physical activity later on in life.  Sports coaches, clubs and specialist teachers work with staff to provide CPD opportunities and ensure teaching is high quality.  Any clubs that incur costs to families are covered by the school for pupils entitled to Pupil Premium Funding.


Children’s participation in physical activity is celebrated in school in our weekly celebration assemblies, where children can bring in certificates, awards and trophies to share and celebrate with their peers.  Children actively seek to share their achievements and relish the opportunity to explain to the school community what they had to do. 


Children have regular opportunities to represent the school as we are keen to enter as many events as possible.  Inclusive events are run through Dudley School Sport Network.   We believe that nothing should be a barrier to children participating in PE. 


Children are encouraged to be active throughout the day.  Individual year groups have been provided with their own outdoor equipment for use during active lessons, playtimes and lunchtimes.  Through PE and Sports Premium funding, we have purchased Cross Curricular Orienteering to encourage activity in all areas of the curriculum.


Children participate in swimming lessons in Key Stage 2 at Crystal Leisure Centre.  It is our ambition that all children will be able to swim 25m and perform self-rescue by the time they leave primary school.  Those who require it are offered additional ‘top up’ sessions in year 6. 



Through our PE and wider curriculum, pupils will learn to rake responsibility for their health and fitness.  Pupils will be equipped with the skills they need to engage with sport and some may go on to engage competitively in sport.


Throughout PE lessons children are observed and assessed against the objectives outlined in PE Hub scheme of work.  End of unit judgements are then made and recorded on the school’s system.  Children’s participation in sporting activities, both in and out of school, is recorded and carefully monitored so that school can actively support and encourage participation in physical activity.  Children are encouraged to reflect on and evaluate their own participation and performance as well as that of their peers.