Peer Supporters

Peer supporters help and support other children during playtimes and lunchtimes. Their role is to ensure all children are working well with each other and have a number of activities to do. The peer supporters arrange games for other children to participate in and encourage children to listen to each other and form appropriate friendships.

There are three main roles which the children carry out:


Safety manager– to ensure that the playground and equipment is safe to use and no equipment is left lying around for others to fall over. They also make sure the gate is closed and children are safe within school.


Matthew (Y5) ‘As a Safety Officer, I enjoy going on the gate at lunchtimes to make everyone safe when Pre-school arrive. I felt glad to have been picked to be a Peer Supporter because there is a lot of responsibility in this role.’


Play leader – peers supporters with this role encourage children to play by arranging games using parachutes, circle games and sharing equipment fairly.


Shanya (Y5) ‘I am a Play leader. I like helping the younger children to play. If they are upset I help to look after them and encourage them to play. I felt good when I was picked by my teachers to be a Peer Supporter because they recognised that I would do a good job.’


Friendship and listeners – all peer supporters show friendship towards others and listen to children to help to sort out problems and encourage good behaviour and appropriate play.