International Page

In preparing St James’s pupils to become Global citizens we recognise the importance of developing their understanding of the world in which they live, including countries and cultures from around the globe. Here are just a few of the recent international learning opportunities pupils have taken part in.

Classrooms in the Clouds Project

Mrs Sixsmith, Mrs Mason and Mrs Williams were joined by three St James’s governors, Mrs Walters, Mrs Salton and Mr Warren, and six other local teachers to visit Nepal during the Easter holidays. We trekked for three days to reach the remote village of Bung where we were invited to join the village in celebrating the opening of new classrooms in the village school. It was fantastic to see the new classrooms and couldn’t believe the difference between them and the old original rooms that had been used until recently.


St James’s and other local schools have been raising money for the past four years to sponsor one of the Classrooms in the Clouds teachers as well as raising over twenty thousand pounds towards the building of two early years classrooms. We also got to meet the Classrooms in the Clouds sponsored teachers again and talk to them about developments within their own teaching.