How can I help at home?

Power maths teaching pages

The Power Maths teaching pages which are used in class each week are allocated to your child's Bug Club account. View them and talk about them with your child. Ask them to teach you. There are activities you can work through together as well.

Education City, SumDog and TTRockstars

These are web-based sites that St James's CE Primary subscribe to and at the beginning of the year children are allocated/ reminded of their usernames and passwords. You will find stickers containing this information on your child's reading record or homework book. Theses sites provide Fluency practice of key maths skills.

Pirate Awards

At St James's children have the opportunity to work their way through our Pirate Awards from Year 1 upwards. Pupils need to learn their multiplication facts thoroughly so they can instantly recall. 


In each class pupils regularly have the chance to apply this knowledge, answering a number of multiplication and other mental maths skill questions in a given time. Once pupils score 100% they have achieved that award and move on to the next.

Certificates for each award are presented in our Praise assemblies and certain awards have special prizes such as a treat from our school treasure chest, golden pin badges and even a non-school uniform day just for you!

Click here to view the Whole school Pirate Awards overview

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