Teaching Geography through exciting termly topics, children at our school develop curiosity and fascination about the world and its people.


Children investigate a range of places – both in Britain and abroad – to develop locational and place knowledge as well as their knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s physical and human processes in context. The school’s link with Nepal is used to drive a unit on mountainous regions of the world. The geography curriculum incorporates fundamental geographical knowledge, skills, and concepts allowing pupils to build on a firm foundation in future years.  It recognises the importance of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge, presenting geography as a dynamic subject in which thinking and viewpoints change.


Fieldwork is valued and threaded through the geography curriculum. Through fieldwork, pupils encounter geographical concepts first hand and connect their learning in the classroom with the real world, for example when children in year 1 visit Weston Super-mare, they identify the human and physical features they see in the coastal environment. In carefully planned fieldwork units, pupils begin by exploring the school grounds and gradually progress to explore more of the local area. Later on, units based on visits to a local river and Birmingham city centre allow pupils to explore more advanced skills and knowledge first hand.



Through carefully considered teaching, we develop the following characteristics of geographers:

  • An excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like, both in Britain and wider world.

  • A comprehensive understanding of the ways in which places are interdependent and interconnected.

  • An extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary.

  • Fluency in complex, geographical enquiry and the ability to apply questioning skills.

  • The ability to reach clear conclusions and explain their findings.

  • Confident fieldwork skills as well as other geographical aptitudes and techniques.

  • The ability to express well-balanced opinions, rooted in secure knowledge and understanding about current issues in society and the environment.

  • An appreciation of what it means to be a geographer by asking geographical questions such as ‘why is this place like this?’, ‘how is this place changing?’ and ‘how are other places affected?’

  • A genuine interest in the subject and a real sense of curiosity about the world and the people who live here.

Our team of pupil Eco Warriors, support the staff at St James’s in making sure that our school is environmentally friendly.


A clear progression of skills across the key stages ensures that prior knowledge is retained and built upon that can be demonstrated in a variety of ways.  Children will be provided with opportunities to explore outdoor learning environments within the school grounds, local community and beyond.  As confident geographers, our pupils will be able to confidently discuss their learning from current and previous studies.  Pupils will understand how the skills and knowledge gained in geography can contribute to other areas of the curriculum and wider school life.