Eco Warriors

Caring for God’s World

At St James’s the Eco warriors are always on the look out to see what we can do to help the environment. Every class from years 2-6 has an Eco-warrior, who comes to half termly meetings to discuss what we can do at school to help make people more aware of the things that we do! 

On a weekly basis the children are very busy collecting paper recycling from around school and composting all of lower schools fruit waste down by our vegetable patch. All ready gardening club have been able to use the compost that we are producing. Over the course of the year we get involved with several campaigns such as ‘Switch off fortnight’ and ‘waste week’ to make the children at school more aware of saving energy and reusing.


During the year the Eco-warriors also go out into the local area litter picking.

Hayley (Y6) ‘I have helped school save money by recycling. Being an Eco Warrior helps us save the world and make it a better place for future generations.’

Ben (Y6) ‘It is good to help the environment and for the school to be safe and clean. I felt very responsible to be part of this group.’


Our St James’s Eco Code

Recycle paper, plastic and much more

Everyone can make a difference

Save power – turn off lights!

Pick up litter

Eco Warriors are here to help!

Care for your environment

Turn off the taps! Don’t waste water.

St James’s Primary School took part in The Big Battery Hunt in March.

In four weeks, the pupils in our school eagerly filled their individual boxes and we managed to fill our first large battery container last week, amassing a total of 2828 batteries (all counted by hand by our Eco Warrior team!)