Design and Technology



Design and technology (DT) lessons are an exciting dimension to our practical work.  Teamwork, prototypes, preliminary sketches are all used in order to help the children with their techniques.  Our DT curriculum is based around topic areas taught within each year group and is supported by planning ideas from Kapow curriculum.  All classes will have DT lessons which will happen, or be equivalent to a lesson each week.  Classes have the opportunity to explore subjects in greater depth and develop and investigative approach to their studies.  We want our children to discover their practical potential and utilise engineering know how in a creative and innovative way.



Class teachers use a combination of modelling techniques alongside children’s own exploration, demonstrating techniques and safety procedures to ensure that every child in the class can feel their confidence grow and develop. They will then experience success by completing a product that looks good and works well.  Lessons progress through research, design and make stages and the skills learned in each section accumulate with the children utilising all of them in their final product design.  Children are taught safety procedures when using any tools, and safe working practices are used at all times.  Children often showcase their finished products in praise assemblies and work will be displayed around school and shared via the school’s social media methods as creating a finished product to the highest level is immensely satisfying for pupils. 


Design and Technology touches on many areas, both practical and theoretical, and we want our children to be successful and have fun with all of their design work.  Future engineers and designers have to start somewhere, and the classes at school are a great place to begin.



All children will have the opportunity to collaborate, learn from and react to their and each other’s strengths and perspectives.  Children will have an insight into how physical products are created and an understanding of the basic concepts used in everyday items.  Firm foundations will be laid for future interests and studies.  Children will leave school with the confidence that they can design, make and change products and a belief that studies and careers involving design and technology are worthwhile and within their reach.