REACH and REACH Ambassadors

At St James's we use 'REACH' to support us in being the best learners we can be. Staff and pupils talk about the elements of excellent learning behaviour daily and REACH points are awarded throughout the day.


Each Friday one child in every class receives a REACH award for outstanding achievement in a particular element of their learning behaviour.

Each year group has REACH ambassadors who have been elected by their peers. REACH ambassadors help others understand REACH and know how to improve their learning behaviour. They also support staff in spotting excellent learning behaviour in action in their classroom and awarding REACH points.

Children achieve certificates and their own non-school uniform day as the achieve 25, 50, 45 and 100 REACH points.

The five elements of REACH are:
•    Responsible learner – happy to be here; manage ourselves well; know what to do if we are stuck; motivate ourselves.
•    Enthusiastic learner – ready to learn; know how I like learning best; take risks; adaptable.
•    Actions learner – manage distractions; focus; work well with others; manage information. 
•    Creative learner – ask great questions; make links between the classroom and the world outside; enjoy challenge; enjoy stories. 
•    Have a go learner! – it is ok to make mistakes; be an explorer; listen and react positively; I’m up for it.