Pupils take part in worship every day at St James’s either as a whole school or within their Key Stages. This is a special part of our day where children and adults can stop, reflect and worship whatever their faith. Pupils across school take leading roles in assemblies and some plan their own acts of worship. In addition, all children can write prayers, hymns and themes using our suggestion box. We are regularly joined by special visitors, parents, governors and members of the clergy. 


Our close relationship with St James Church allows us to have a Eucharist Service in school each term. A member of the clergy, staff and pupils lead the service together for the whole school community including governors, parents and the church congregation. In the Summer Term, the service takes place outside in our beautiful school grounds. We also lead a Sunday service once at term at church which is a lovely way for the school community to further strengthen our relationship with the church congregation.

Spring Prayers 2019

Mrs Skeldon and Miss Spencer have been busy helping children ‘plant’ our Spring prayers around the school grounds. It has been lovely to see the children’s flowers next to the Spring bulbs we planted last year. We even have some flower prayers hanging from our prayer tree on the orchard.

The Spring prayers were written by children during our prayer day on 14th February 2019.

School Sunday Service at St James’s Church

At our School Sunday Service at St James’ Church on Sunday 17th March, some of our pupils read out their thoughts on our prayer day.


Outdoor Communion Service

Hettie ‘Everyone put a flag in the sand to represent a different word. My class had companionship. Other classes had other ship words like membership and partnership. I felt happy to be part of the service.’

Ailee ‘At the Communion Service I was able to have bread and wine with the other children who had just been confirmed and the teachers in school. I felt grown up and ready to make my own decisions about my faith and life.’

Kiera ‘The outdoors service was peaceful as we had it in the Prayer Garden. The singing was amazing. The music stopped but everyone kept singing and it sounded beautiful.’

Josh ‘The service was enjoyable because we sang lots of hymns. We also shared bread as part of the service. It felt different because we were outside on a lovely sunny day.’


Year 6 Confirmation

Each year, pupils in Year 6 can choose to be prepared for confirmation in school. The service then takes place at church with the Bishop. This is a very special part of who we are as a church school and is one of the highlights of the school year.

Grace ‘It felt special to be confirmed in church because it was like I was becoming a part of another family.’

Emma‘I felt a different person afterwards. Bishop Graham made the service special but also fun.

Our Prayer Garden

Our Prayer Garden was designed and created by pupils with help from Squires Sanders Solicitors. The aim was to create a special place where pupils could visit, reflect, pray and think about God’s wonderful world! We would like to thank all of the members of staff who help with this project and parents who regularly donate plants. Our Collective Worship Group are evaluating how the Prayer Garden is currently being used and how we can further develop it.