Art and Design 



Our curriculum aims that pupils, from the youngest age, will develop a sense of creativity, self-expression, enjoyment and excellence in art. Children are exposed to the art, giving that opportunity to experience and participate in range of creative activities and events.  Self-esteem and self-expression are encouraged in a safe environment with children having the opportunity to explore, develop and communicate their personal, aesthetic response to experience.  Knowledge and skills are developed through a wide range of media and experiences that will introduce pupils to a lifelong appreciation of arts.  Children will experience a wide range of cultural heritage through arts opportunities and will understand how art can be used as an expression across different cultures and faiths. 



Art and Design lessons at St James’s C.E. Primary school are supported by the Kapow curriculum.  This supports teachers’ subject knowledge as well as taking children step by step through a variety of ways of expressing themselves creatively.  All classes will have Art and Design lessons which will happen, or be equivalent to a lesson each week.  Art and Design lessons take different forms, depending on the medium being used, but each lesson will give the children increased knowledge of the subject in a practical, creative manner, in order to become more competent, confident and motivated artists. 

Our curriculum allows children to develop the skills and knowledge to enable them to feel their confidence to grow and develop a sense of achievement when working, as they are guided in their successes and are always being extended or aided to achieve the best that they can.  Those children might be reticent to join in due to feeling that they will not be successful can easily take part in step by step, manageable steps and feel a sense of achievement in each lesson.  The lessons are progressive and cumulative, with success being at the heart of each one. 


Art and Design lessons take different forms across the year and may be topic related where transferable skills and ideas allow.  Children’s work will be shared as part of celebration assemblies and displayed around school and shared on the school’s social media platforms.  At certain points across the year, children will be asked to utilise their art skills as part of an inter school or national competition.  For example, redesigning the school’s values awards, designing the Parish Christmas Card or other national competitions to mark special occasions. 


Significant and important artists are discussed and explored in art lessons, assemblies and other areas of the curriculum.  Children learn to look at art work in an evaluative way, expressing and justifying their opinions as well as learning techniques and strategies from those who have been successful at art. 



A broad and balanced art curriculum ensures that pupils are taught the knowledge and skills required to express themselves in a variety of ways.  Art and Design encompasses many areas of the curriculum at St James’s C.E. Primary School and we want our children to be successful and have fun in all disciplines taught.  Whether it is drawing, sculpting, sewing, photography, painting or printing, there is an art from for everyone.  Children will develop awareness of the emotional impact that art can have on themselves and on others. Our Art and Design curriculum is designed to foster and raise aspirations opening the children up to potential artistic talent.  We want children to enjoy having Art in their lives as not only a way of enjoyment, but also as a potential future career as sculptors and painters.