Maths Ambassadors

This year we have introduced Maths Ambassadors in school. A group of Year 6 girls have been working with our staff Maths Leaders to identify areas of maths that they know can be tricky. The teachers support the Y6 girl Maths Ambassadors to improve their own learning in these areas and then the ambassadors go on to re-teach it to other girls across KS2.

We also have a group of boys and girls in Y5 who have also been selected to be Maths Ambassadors this year. Again, these children work with staff to prepare Maths games which they then play with children in reception and KS1 at lunchtimes. Not only does this boost the Maths Ambassadors confidence, it also means the smalllet children can enjoy playing educational games if they wish.

Thank you to all the Maths Ambassadors who have been working really hard on this project and give up their own time to lead these activities.

Emma (Y6) ‘It makes me feel appreciated to be asked to be a Maths Ambassador. My confidence has improved as well as my maths skills. It has helped the younger children because every week I’ve worked with them, they have learned more.’

Joe (Y5) ‘When I got asked to be a Maths Ambassador it was a bit of a shock. When I help the little children I have enjoyed seeing them get better at maths each week. I have tried my best to make it as fun for the children as I can.’

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