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Caring for God’s World

At St James’s the Eco warriors are always on the look out to see what we can do to help the environment. Every class from years 2-6 has an Eco-warrior, who comes to half termly meetings to discuss what we can do at school to help make people more aware of the things that we do! On a weekly basis the children are very busy collecting paper recycling from around school and composting all of lower schools fruit waste down by our vegetable patch. All ready gardening club have been able to use the compost that we are producing. Over the course of the year we get involved with several campaigns such as ‘Switch off fortnight’ and ‘waste week’ to make the children at school more aware of saving energy and reusing. During the year the Eco-warriors also go out into the local area litter picking.

Hayley (Y6) ‘I have helped school save money by recycling. Being an Eco Warrior helps us save the world and make it a better place for future generations.’

Ben (Y6) ‘It is good to help the environment and for the school to be safe and clean. I felt very responsible to be part of this group.’

Our St James’s Eco Code

Recycle paper, plastic and much more

Everyone can make a difference

Save power – turn off lights!

Pick up litter

Eco Warriors are here to help!

Care for your environment

Turn off the taps! Don’t waste water.


Class 5S Battery HuntHere at St James’s Primary School we began to take part in The Big Battery Hunt in March.

In four weeks, the pupils in our school eagerly filled their individual boxes and we managed to fill our first large battery container last week, amassing a total of 2828 batteries (all counted by hand by our Eco Warrior team!)  Pupils worked through lunch time to count the batteries, to ensure that 9V batteries had sellotape covering their terminals and also to ensure that any batteries not allowed were taken out.

Class 5S were our ‘Recycling Champions’ – they collected 529 batteries in four weeks alone.

I interviewed our Year 5 Eco Warrior, Harry, about the great effort so far:

1) How many batteries did your class collect?
So far, we have now collected 780 batteries in 5S.

2) As Eco Warrior, what did you do to encourage them to participate?
We have sent out the Battery Hunt letters and boxes. I have brought information back from the Eco-Warrior meetings and given regular updates to the rest of the class. I keep reminding them to bring the boxes back in.

3) Why is it important to recycle batteries?
If you just throw the batteries away, the waste just goes out into the environment and can cause damage to the plants and rivers. However, if you recycle them with Duracell, they make them into useful things like skyscrapers, cars and other metal things.

4) What has been your favourite part of the Battery Hunt so far?
I really enjoyed phoning up Duracell to ask them to collect our batteries because I was proud that our school had collected so many in such a short space of time.

The top ‘Recycling Champion’ in Class 5S was Archie, who went above and beyond to try and collect as many batteries as possible, and raise awareness of the importance of recycling batteries.  I asked Archie:

1) How many batteries did you collect (as an individual, not a class)?
The bag I bought in yesterday had 138 batteries in! I’ve also bought in a full box and helped to count the total we have collected as a school.

2) What did you do to get so many? How did you encourage people to take part?
I asked my dad if he could tell all of the people at his work about our Battery Hunt and to see if he could collect any more batteries at his work. I also visited my neighbours and told them about our project, knocking on their doors.

3) Why is it important to recycle batteries?
Because if we don’t, they will just be sitting there for hundreds of years of cluttering up the world and being a waste of space while they decompose.  They can also leak harmful chemicals into the soil and rivers.

Class 3B were a close second, with 511 batteries. Their top ‘Recycling Champion’ was Cian, who has been totally committed to this project, coming in to school with shoe boxes full of batteries each week.  Cian has been visiting recycling stations in local supermarkets and bringing some of their batteries into school, as well as regularly asking neighbours, friends, people at his activity clubs, anyone he meets in the street, if they have any batteries.  His class mates and his teacher, Miss Brooks, are all astounded at his fantastic effort!

A special individual mention must also go to Caden in Class 2B who collected 170 batteries by himself, and Harrison in Class 1B who has collected 112 – Harrison only started with our school in March so it is a fantastic effort on his part.

The Big Battery Hunt has really inspired and enthused pupils at St James’s – being something different to anything we have done before.  The collections will continue and we hope to consistently contribute to reducing the number of batteries going to landfill.

Miss Scott and the Eco Warriors

 Well done to our fabulous Eco Warriors who went out to pick up rubbish in the streets around school. They were stopped by lots of local residents who thanked them for their hard work.  

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