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This term we will encourage all children to form letters correctly. We will be starting with the Jumper Family which include letters h, m, n, r, b and p. We will be using Brave and Scared monkey to help us. Make sure you have the Kinetic letters tree on the paper before you write.

The children will continue to learn sounds and begin to read books more independently.

Please ensure all home readers are in school everyday for book changes and reading.

The school library will be available for children to choose and borrow books with an adult on Monday’s after school.  All children will be allowed to borrow two books each time they visit.

Please may we remind you that all children should be in school for 8.45am especially as we now attend assemblies daily. On Friday we have praise assemblies in school. Your child may bring home a certificate that their class teacher has awarded to them.

Maths Workshop Notes – Nov 2016

Phonics Workshop Notes Nov 2016

Year 1 


Maths: Counting in multiples of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s up to and beyond 100. Children will continue to develop an understanding of place value – ‘tens and units’. They will say the number that is ten more/less than a multiple of ten. Learn number facts such as doubles, halves, and number bonds to 10, then 20. Solve one step problems involving addition, subtraction and missing numbers. Using standard units to measure length,capacity and weight.

History: A Famous Person:  The life of Louis Braille.    What makes a person famous:  Who do you know that’s famous?  Who is Louis Braille?  What would it be like to be blind?  What is braille?  How has Louis Braille improved life today?

The Great Fire of London.  When, why where it happened.What changes happened as a result of the fire.

Please ensure that every item of clothing and equipment is named, including lunchboxes and purses. Water bottles need to brought into school every day. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak to us.

Year 2 


In Maths we will be looking at Numbers – Looking at calculation using all four operations.  Using jottings and number lines as well as mental strategies to solve these calculations.  Working up to and beyond 100.  Shape and measurement 2D and 3d shape names and their properties, right angles. Looking at units of measurement. Time- to tell the time o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and revisiting 5 minute intervals.

Homework Folders and Reading Books returned every Monday. They will come home on Tuesday.    PE is Thursday and Friday so please make sure that earrings are removed. Many Thanks.

Year 3


In computing we will be continuing to use   websites to research for information such as We will also be learning to send, receive and reply to emails. We will also use design programs to create packaging for our Willy Wonka technology challenge.

In RE this term we will be discussing deeper meanings to well known Bible stories such as the creation and asking why events occurred.

Year 4  


In maths we will developing mental and written calculation skills.  This term we will be focusing on fractions, decimal fractions and equivalent fractions.

In geography we will be studying our new topics: Where would you choose to build a city?Why is Birmingham such a cool place to live?

Pioneer Centre Residential  – 10th-12th January

Swimming starts on Thursday 18th January. The first group needs to be in school at 8.20am to leave at 8.30am. Towels and costumes/trunks as well as hats for the girls are necessary. Please send a letter if your child needs to wear goggles.

Home reading books can be changed when your child has completed the book. Your continued encouragement is appreciated. As children progress through Year 4 we expect to see a comment from them in their diaries two to three times a week. Any books they read from home can also be recorded in their diaries.

Recorder lessons will be every week on Mondays. Recorders will be provided for school use. If your child wants to practise at home you will need to buy a recorder.

Year 5


Work this term will include:

English Our English will begin with writing learning to use persuasive techniques to write letters. We will then study ‘The Piano’ a visual literacy topic. We will also enjoy the first of our Michael Morpurgo novels, The Butterfly Lion.

                           Computing This term we will be looking at programming. We will be using Kodu to create a computer gaming world making particular use of the coding language ‘when’ and ‘do’.

Year 6


History – World War 2 topic, which covers significant aspects of the 1939 – 1945 conflict. We focus on evacuation, rationing, the effects of bombing, propaganda, the role of women during the war and the D-Day landings and the Battle of Britain. This topic is taught through the text ‘Flossie’s Secret War Diary’ and the children will write their own versions, creating cross curricular links to literacy.

PE and Games. Games will take place on Monday afternoon, and PE on Tuesday afternoon for both classes. Please make sure that your child has the appropriate kit with them.

Homework will be recorded in a homework diary for you to see. Maths homework will be set on Fri-days to be handed in on Wednes-days. Spellings will be set on Fri-days and tested on a fortnightly basis. Creativity and research pro-jects will also be sent home when appropriate.

We have a wonderful library at St James’s – please encourage your child to browse at lunchtime. Fiction books can be bor-rowed and taken home – but please make sure

 We appreciate your continuing support with home reading and homework activities.  The children will be directed to certain sections of their study booklets for revision purposes; however any extra reading of these booklets will be hugely beneficial.










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