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English –  This term we will encourage all children to form letters correctly. We will be starting with the Jumper Family which include letters h, m, n, r, b and p. We will be using Brave and Scared monkey to help us make sure you have the Kinetic letters tree on the paper before you write. The children will continue to learn sounds and begin to read books more independently.

General Information May we remind you that all children’s belongings should be clearly labelled with their name and that at the beginning of the school day children should not be using any of the equipment in the outdoor area. Please give who ever may be on the door any letters or work and not put these in your child’s bag as we do not check these daily.  Throughout the year parent voice sheets will be sent home for you to note new learning that your child has shown. These forms are important and  help to inform their Learning Journeys.




Year 1 


Geography: To use maps and plans on a variety of scales.  To use simple directional language to describe the locations of features and routes on a map.  Devise a simple map.  Use and construct simple symbols in a key.  To name and locate the four countries and capital cities of the UK.

Computing Continue to develop keyboard and mouse skills such as using spacebar, back space, shift, enter and arrow keys.  Access computer programs and internet with ncreasing independence.  Save, retrieve and print work with support.  Use paint and draw program for a purpose.


Year 2 


Science: Plants- growing plants from seeds and bulbs, deciding what they need to help them growth healthily and plant life cycles.  Materials-identify and compare the suit-ability of a variety of everyday materials find out how the shapes of solid ob-jects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

English — how to use a non-fiction text to research answers to questions. *Stories by the same author– David Litchfield, Mairi Hedderwick, Ronda and David Armitage *Other texts will include poetry and riddles. * Explanation texts Spelling: year 2 common exception words, common homophones and contractions. Aiming high to spell accurately in own writing. Key Vocabulary this term – command, statement, questions, apostrophe, exclamation, contraction, suffix, pre-fix.

Homework Folders and Reading Books returned every Monday. They will come home on Tuesday.    PE is Thursday and Friday so please make sure that earrings are removed. Many Thanks.

Year 3

In RE this term we will be discussing the Gospel and asking the question “What kind of world did Jesus want?” We will be looking at different stories from the Bible and will discuss the parable of the Good Samaritan. After half term we will be discussing religious festivals and why these are important.

In Science for the first half term we will be learning about forces and magnets, through a topic called: Is the force with you?  After February half term we will be learning about light, shadows and  reflections. How can you throw your shadow?


Homework will be set on Fridays and must be handed in on the following Wednesday, so that teachers can mark work ready to hand back on a Friday. Even though this work is done at home, the same level of expectation is required as at school eg: neatness, presentation, working with a pencil and ruler.

Home reading books will be changed on Fridays, however if your child wishes to change it more often they can. Please ensure that books and diaries are in the children’s bags daily for when they are used within class time. Mrs Sixsmith likes children to write in their reading diary at least 3 times a week.


Year 4  


In geography we will be studying our new topics: Where would you choose to build a city? Why is Birmingham such a cool place to live?

In maths we will developing mental and written calculation skills.  This term we will be focusing on fractions, decimal fractions and equivalent fractions.

In RE this term we will be focusing on Jesus as an inspiration to Christians.

All classes will have games on Wednesday and P.E. on Friday . Please make sure your child has their kit in school. As the colder weather approaches we suggest they bring in jogging bottoms and sweatshirts for games lessons. Please can all kit be labelled with your child’s name.

Homework will be set each week on a Friday and will be stuck in their homework books. It will be due for return the following Wednesday.

Home reading books are changed on Friday.

Year 5


We will be exploring narrative poetry by exploring The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We will also be writing a non-chronological report about Mountains to link with our topic. Next, we will continue work around our key author (Michael Morpurgo) by reading ‘Beowulf’ to tie in with our topic of the Anglo-Saxons.

Physical Education In PE, we will be learning to play cricket and rounders games and will be practising athletics before Sports Day. We will also have a rugby coach every other week.

                             French   We are learning about what we find in town. We will consolidate all of our French learning ready for Year 6.

Year 6 holes2

Physical Activities We will be playing cricket, rounders and athletics this term. We will also be visiting Forest School for some exciting outdoor sessions.

Production The children will be learning songs; creating sets, costumes and props for our end of year production.

Transition to Secondary School We will cover work in PSHE that will help to prepare children for the transfer to secondary school.

PE and Games. Games will take place on Monday afternoon, and PE on Tuesday afternoon for both classes. Please make sure that your child has the appropriate kit with them.



We have a wonderful library at St James’s – please encourage your child to browse at lunchtime. Fiction books can be bor-rowed and taken home – but please make sure

 We appreciate your continuing support with home reading and homework activities.  The children will be directed to certain sections of their study booklets for revision purposes; however any extra reading of these booklets will be hugely beneficial.










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