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  • Pupils in Year 2 and 6 are now tested on their ability in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (G.P.S).  Please see here for spellings and patterns that are relevant to your child’s year group.
  • Spelling Strategies – Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
  • At St James’s we use Letters and Sounds for our phonics curriculum.


We offer a varied and exciting curriculum at St James’s – click the links below for more details.  



Playgroup Spring Curriculum 2019

Pre-School Summer Curriculum 2019

Reception Spring Curriculum 2019

 images Year 1 Spring Curriculum 2019
 vic Year 2 Spring Curriculum 2019
 496651 Year 3  Spring Curriculum 2019
 Roman1Big Year 4 Spring Curriculum 2019
 robin_hood_archery_challenge Year 5 Spring Curriculum 2019
 holes2 Year 6 Spring Curriculum 2019

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