Collective Worship Forum October 18th 2019

The theme for Collective Worship Forum was ‘Parables.’ The Forum was attended by 10 schools from across Dudley and the Diocese.

We looked at exploring parables through stories, songs
and crafts:
¨ Who told them?
¨ Where in the bible can you find them?
¨ What is a parable?
¨ What have you learnt from the parables you have heard today?

We had five stations and these were organised and run by members of our local churches. Including St james’s, Hope Baptsit Church, church for All and The Methodist Church.

We heard about the following parables;

  • The Wise and Foolish builders
  • The good Samaritan
  • The Mustard Seed
  • The Lost sheep
  • The Talents

Staff and pupils all had a fantastic morning and expressed how much they were looking forward to the next one!

Members of St James’s congregation provided and served refreshments for both the children and adults at the Forum.

The morning was finished in song led by Chris and Richard.


“It was an amazing experience” – pupil

“Well organised, thank you for giving your time.” – adult

“”We are going to get our children to teach other children the parables we have learnt.” – adult

“ A fabulous first visit to your worship forum. It was lovely to do some networking and create links. I can’t wait until June!” – adult