Collective Worship Forum October 18th 2019

The theme for Collective Worship Forum was ‘Parables.’ The Forum was attended by 10 schools from across Dudley and the Diocese.

We looked at exploring parables through stories, songs
and crafts:
¨ Who told them?
¨ Where in the bible can you find them?
¨ What is a parable?
¨ What have you learnt from the parables you have heard today?

We had five stations and these were organised and run by members of our local churches. Including St james’s, Hope Baptsit Church, church for All and The Methodist Church.

We heard about the following parables;

  • The Wise and Foolish builders
  • The good Samaritan
  • The Mustard Seed
  • The Lost sheep
  • The Talents

Staff and pupils all had a fantastic morning and expressed how much they were looking forward to the next one!

Members of St James’s congregation provided and served refreshments for both the children and adults at the Forum.

The morning was finished in song led by Chris and Richard.


“It was an amazing experience” – pupil

“Well organised, thank you for giving your time.” – adult

“”We are going to get our children to teach other children the parables we have learnt.” – adult

“ A fabulous first visit to your worship forum. It was lovely to do some networking and create links. I can’t wait until June!” – adult


Theatre Visit

The Young Shakespeare Company visited Years 5 and 6 to perform one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays – Macbeth.

I really enjoyed it and the actors wore battle armour. Josh (Year 5)

All of the actors were really enthusiastic. Aiden (Year 5)

It was humorous and filled with action – it was amazing. Oliver (Year 6)

It was a dramatic play and we could feel the atmosphere in the hall. The audience created many of the sound effects which was great fun. At one point we had to chant some Shakespearean lines. Isabel (Year 6)


On Friday 4th October we celebrated Harvest in school. All pupils and staff were invited to make a donation for the Black Country Food bank and we were overwhelmed by the response – the scarecrows made by Reception pupils even came to investigate! A huge thank you to everyone who contributed. To find out more about the Black Country Food bank please Click Here.

This harvest we have helped support the Black Country Food Bank. It is important to help those who are less fortunate than you and not to take what you have for granted.  Eleanor (Year 6)

Christians celebrate Harvest and say thank you to God for all he provides. We thought about how food should be shared by those who have more than they need.  Alex and Bryony (Year 6)

A thank you from the Food Bank

Summer Fair

Even with the terrible rain halfway through the fair, we still raised a fantastic £2481! Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, ran a stall on the day or simply came and enjoyed the event. A huge thanks also to the PTFA for giving up their time to organise a great day for all our families to enjoy.

I do also need to make a special mention of our fabulous Rainbow Choir. Just as they started to perform for the crowds, the heavens opened but they continued to sing through the downpour. Well done children- you made staff so proud!

Thank you, as usual, for your continued support.


Special Awards Ceremony for Libby

Libby has been at a very special awards ceremony today for 100 Honourable heroes for fundraising for Birmingham Childrens Hospitals.   She was shortlisted as a young fundraiser of the year.
Her dad and brothers are cycling 100 miles this year too to raise money.

Christmas Activities Donation

Easter Egg Collection

PTFA Fundraiser

Well done to our fabulous Birmingham Velo Team (6 of our parents and governors) for completing the 100 mile bike ride on Sunday.  Together they have raised approximately £1000 for school. They proudly wore cycle tops designed by pupils in school. What a fantastic achievement by all which showed true team spirit, friendship and perseverance!

Charity Fundraisers

Hollies hiking and Imi’s biking ….

On 18 April five year old Hollie in class RP took on the challenge of walking the 16 miles from Wollaston to Birmingham children’s hospital and on 2 May nine year old Imogen in class 4M took on the challenge of riding her bike the 36 miles from Worcester to Birmingham children’s hospital.

This year both girls came up with their own challenges to raise money for the hospital that cared for Hollie when she needed urgent care undergoing two operations at five weeks old and again at two years old.

With lots of help from loyal family, friend’s and the support of complete strangers Hollie and Imogen have raised £1661 to date.