We are very proud to be a Fairtrade School! Pupils learn how to support Fairtrade through buying Fairtrade products and spreading the Fairtrade message, in addition they learn how Fairtrade organisations impact the lives of others all over the world. Members of School Council act as ‘Fairtrade leaders’ and plan our Fairtrade activities.

Fairtrade-TPotSt James’s school receives support from St James’s church in order to sell Fairtrade products on the playground and The Stourbridge Fairtrade Steering group also support the School throughout the year. We have offered workshops planned by St James’s pupils to other local schools to share good ideas and create Fairtrade films.

Pupils learn more about Fairtrade through school assemblies, special units of work and whole school activities – particularly during the annual Fairtrade fortnight. This year each class created a piece of Fairtrade artwork which was displayed in the Rye Market in Stourbridge, supporting Stourbridge’s Fairtrade town status.





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