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Pupils take part in worship every day at St James’s either as a whole school or within their Key Stages. This is a special part of our day where children and adults can stop, reflect and worship whatever their faith. Pupils across school take leading roles in assemblies and some plan their own acts of worship. In addition, all children can write prayers, hymns and themes using our suggestion box.

Spring Prayers 2019

Mrs Skeldon and Miss Spencer have been busy helping children ‘plant’ our Spring prayers around the school grounds. It has been lovely to see the children’s flowers next to the Spring bulbs we planted last year. We even have some flower prayers hanging from our prayer tree on the orchard.

The Spring prayers were written by children during our prayer day on 14th February 2019.

School Sunday Service at St James’s Church

At our School Sunday Service at St James’ Church on Sunday 17th March, some of our pupils read out their thoughts on our prayer day.

‘I enjoyed the prayer day. Rock painting was my favourite activity because it was calming and I love to paint. When we went outside, I enjoyed the quiet, relaxing sound of the birds. When I got home, I felt inspired and wanted to do all of it again.’ Taylor, Y5.

‘During the prayer day I felt relaxed and peaceful because you were not rushed to do your activities. The hand painting was my favourite because it was time for me to connect to myself and others. I had time to be able to connect with God.’ Hettie, Y5

‘We wrote world prayers and talked about how we could stop fires happening and then we spoke about how to make our lives better. I wrote about wars and tsunamis.’ Maisie, Y3

Lots of families, staff and governors from our school joined the congregation at church on Sunday. We led the service based around pretzel prayers and all got the chance to get very messy by making our own bread pretzels. Pupils from school read their reflections about our prayer day in school and we presented church with a bouquet of our very own Spring prayers written on flowers. It was great to see church full of people of all ages and the singing was fantastic! We hope everyone enjoyed baking and eating their pretzels once they got home.


Prayer Day 2019

On 14th February 2019 we led a wonderful prayer day in school. Every child was able to share a wide range of creative prayer activities across school during the day. Emma Pettifer from the Diocese led a station as well as visitors from a number of local churches.

Following working with artist Luke Perry when we all made a plaster cast of our own hands, pupils decorated their own hand prints to make prayer hands.

Children spent time being still and being able to think about themselves and others before writing their own prayers.

Amblecote Christian Centre visited us again on the day to teach us another hymn using sign language. The whole school performed the hymn together in Collective Worship at the end of the day.

We wrote world prayers and put them on our map of the world. Children and visitors to our school can still write world prayers if they wish to outside of the school office where we have put a globe.

 Lindsey Brown March 2019

Again we have welcomed Lindsey into school to lead a collective worship for the whole school.  This time she told the story of Naboth’s Vineyard and we talked about the meaning of ‘being content’.


Easter Labyrinth 2019

Every year group has contributed sections for our Easter Labyrinth. Pupils in Y1 and 2 spent a wonderful morning exploring the displays and learning about the Easter story at each station. They then returned to class to take part in further activities to begin their new RE unit for this half term. Thank you to everyone for putting so much effort into our Easter displays.

Advent Collective Worship

Each December we hold a series of Advent Collective Worships in school. We start  the Christmas story using Godly Play resources.  Each year group has created a part of the display in the hall which tells the Christmas story.

Christmas 2018

Reception, Year 1 and Year 3 children and parents enjoyed sharing Christmas activities together. It was wonderful to see the wide range of activities on offer over a number of days.

Handfuls of Love December 2018

Every child in school has contributed to making our handfuls of love which are on display around school.  These were made during the month of December as an activity which went with the Posada figures travelled from class to class.  We have enjoyed reading the wide range of ideas about what love means to each person.

Collective Worship Table   Children have been busy using the Collective Worship table and post box in the hall to write prayers and request their favourite hymns for us to sing together. The Collective Worship Group then sort the requests out and give to staff to include in assemblies.

Fruit of the Spirit Prayers – During our Experience Harvest celebration at church, our children wrote some Fruits of the Spirit prayers. Here are a selection for you to enjoy.

Y2 Year Group Collective Worship for Parents – October 2018

In school we have been learning about lots of different prophets from the Bible.  Year 2  shared their Collective Worship with parents. The children sang songs, told stories and even learned a poem about Abraham. Here are some comments made by parents:-

‘It was endearing to watch the children share what they have learned. The children seemed very engaged and demonstrated their knowledge with pride and confidence.’
‘They obviously understood what they had been taught about Abraham and it had been delivered in a very engaging way as they were clearly enjoying themselves.’
‘Attending any assembly at St James’s is a real joy and we always receive a warm welcome.’
‘I think it is wonderful to share what the children are doing with their parents.’

Lindsey Brown-October 2018 –  St James’s very good friend Lindsey Brown  has been into school to  lead another assembly for us. Lindsey tells Bible stories at the same time as painting the key messages from the stories.  Lindsey told us the story of the Good Samaritan and then we thought about ways that we could be God’s friend too.

Blessing the Bus.   Reverend Nick blessing the new bus! Thank you to the church for letting us use the bus to take pupils to lots of different events throughout the school year.

We have all been learning about Jesus’ special friends through our assemblies. Each class are continuing to discuss the disciples and who they were.

Summer Term 2018 Church Service

We all had such a lot of fun at the Summer Term Church Service led by school staff. Mrs Skeldon organised a kazoo competition during the service- both teams were very competitive! It was lovely to fill the church hall with families from school and members of the congregation from St James’ Church.


Summer 2018 Communion Service

Thank you to everyone who came to join us for our Summer Outdoors Communion Service at school. It was lovely having so many parents and congregation from church come to share this special service where our newly confirmed Y6 pupils received bread and wine for the fist time in school. The prayers that each year group shared are now hung proudly on our tree on the orchard so we do hope you take time to read them.

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